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Sticker Sheet Grab Bag

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Sticker sheets that are great for bullet journaling, letters, swapping, scrapbooking, studying and more! We offer 3 different sized bundles named after delicious drinks. The corresponding drink names for the 3 sizes and the quantity are given below! 

The sticker sheets come in larger sizes around 11cm x 15cm, or in smaller squares around 8cm x 8cm as shown in the pictures. 2 small sheets will count as 1 sticker sheet when included in your order. For example in the smallest size “Macchiato”, you could receive three 11cm x 15cm sticker sheets and four smaller squared sheets (which count as 2 sticker sheets) for a total of 5 sticker sheets. The designs of the sticker sheets are similar to what is in pictures. 

♥ Sizes ♥

“Macchiato” – 5 sticker sheets, $4.99

“Champagne” – 10 sticker sheets, $6.99

“Oolong” – 15 sticker sheets, $8.99


The various sticker sheet themes include:

☆ animals ☆ plants ☆buildings/places  ☆ scenery ☆sky ☆ vintage ☆ nature ☆ Asian ( Japanese, Chinese, Korean) ☆ stars ☆ cartoons ☆ mystical


Shipping & Returns

All orders are shipped via Canada Post from British Columbia. The default shipping option is untracked letter.

Estimated shipping times due to pandemic:

Canada: 3-30 days

US: 10-50 days

Processing Times:

The time we need to prepare an order for dispatch normally takes 1-3 business days.

The seller is not responsible for lost mail or delayed shipping, unless purchased with tracking. Thank you for your understanding.

We do not accept returns or cancellations!

Please CONTACT US if your package has not arrived between 21-45 days since date of purchase.

We will consider packages as arrived after 45 days and will not resend!


- Washi tape samples (40cm-100cm) but mainly 50cm+

- Origami paper varies from 15cmx15cm to 9.5x9.5cm

- Sticker flakes are of various sizes

- Memo sheets are of various sizes

- Sticker sheet sizes vary from 11cmx15cm and 8cmx8cm

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